2040 Long Range Transportation Plan UPDATE

WATS is performing an interim update to the 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan.  While this update largely reaffirms existing investment policies, several new and exciting sections are being proposed for addition, as well as minor updates that have occurred since the Plan's 2013 adoption.  The new sections focus on Target Setting, Driverless and Connected Vehicles, Washtenaw County Equity Initiatives and Environmental Justice review.  (Additions are included in green text and deletions in red text)  

As part of the update, WATS is hosting several public participation meetings which will provide an opportunity to review and provide comments on the Plan.  

2040 LRTP Update public participation meetings are scheduled for:

  • March 6 - from 5-7pm - Dexter District Library, 3255 Alpine St, 48130   
  • March 9 - from 5-7pm - Ann Arbor District Library, 3333 Traverwood Dr, 48105 
  • March 13 - from 5-7pm - Ypsilanti District Library, 229 W. Michigan Ave, 48197

Updated March, 24 2017 -  The 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan UPDATE can be found here.

Posted February 22, 2017 - The 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan UPDATE can be found here.

WATS approved its most recent Long Range Plan in June 2013.  To meet federal requirements, WATS updates the plan every four years.  The plan is adopted by reference in SEMCOG's Regional Transportation Plan for Southeast Michigan.


Why Plan for Transportation? 

Washtenaw County is an economic center of critical importance to the State of Michigan and the region. The County has abundant natural and cultural resources, and a diverse and well educated population that has afforded residents a high quality of life. The transportation system is the backbone of the cultural and built environment, moving people and commerce to, from, and within the region. The region’s future economic success depends on investment in a healthy transportation system. This plan discusses the choices the region faces as it move forward. How investment decisions are made will impact how the region changes and develops.

Community Values Survey

To prepare for the 2040 Long Range Plan, WATS asked how the community should develop over the next 25 years.  View the full Community Values Survey here, or click the image below.