Ann Arbor on Bike Score

Ann Arbor Bike Score Heat Map

The team behind Walk Score, a website that scores cities and neighborhoods based on walkability, is bringing a new metric to their website-Bike Score.  Like Walk Score, this website looks at cities, neighborhoods, and addresses to determine how well the address connects to important destinations and facilities that make travel by bike convenient.  The score is based on four equally weighted measures:
  • Bike lanes
  • Hills
  • Destination and road connectivity
  • Bike commuting mode share
Using these measures, locations are given a score between 0 and 100.  For example, Ann Arbor scores 74. The highest score goes to Minneapolis, which comes in at 79.    

Ann Arbor is one of Bike Score's first cities to receive a full score for any address.  Just go to the Walk Score, find a walk score for any address, and its bike score will be provided as well.

Bike Score Interpretations
  • 90-100: Bikers Paradise
    • Daily errands can be accomplished on a bike
  • 70-89: Very Bikeable
    • Biking is convenient for most trips
  • 50-69: Bikeable
    • Some bike infrastructure
  • 0-49: Somewhat Bikable
    • Minimal bike infrastructure