Transit Deficiencies


Transit is a significant factor in Washtenaw County’s continual efforts to become a more livable and sustainable community.  In the Urban Area, fixed route transit is a critical component of the transportation system, with tens of thousands of trips taken daily.  These trips provide options for choice riders, those unable to drive, and help bridge gaps between affordable housing and employment.  Countywide, Door-to-Door transit service address the needs of those unable to drive or use traditional fixed route transit.  These services connect people to medical appointments, jobs, family, and daily errands.  In rural areas, these services are even more important, with distance potentially isolating those unable to drive.

Transit deficiencies

The maps below show areas that are covered by transit service.  In the urban area, any area not covered by fixed route service or door-to-door service is considered deficient.  In the rural areas, only areas not covered by door-to-door service are considered deficient.