WATS Policy Committee

The WATS Policy Committee is made up of local elected officials from member communities throughout Washtenaw County.  The Policy Committee make decisions that include funding road widening, new roads, transit routes and services, the location of sidewalks or trails, and policies regarding landscaping of roadways or other enhancements to the transportation system.

The WATS Policy Committee meets the third Wednesday of every month at the Washtenaw County Annex 110 N 4th Ave (btw Huron and Ann)
Ann Arbor, MI 48104 beginning at 9:00am.

Calendar Year 2019 Packets and Minutes

January - Meeting Cancelled

February -Packet - Minutes

March - Packet - Minutes

April - Meeting Cancelled

May - Meeting Cancelled


Calendar Year 2018 Packets and Minutes

January -Packet-  Minutes

February - Packet - Minutes

March - Packet - No Quorum

April - Packet - Minutes 

May -No meeting

June - Packet - Minutes

September - Packet - Minutes

October - Packet - Minutes

Calendar Year 2017 Packets and Minutes

January     -Packet-  -Minutes-

February -Packet-  - Minutes-

March - Packet - Minutes

April - Packet - Minutes -

June - Packet - Minutes - 

August - Packet - No Quorum

September - Packet- No Quorum

October -  Packet - Minutes

November - No meeting

December - No meeting

Calendar Year 2016 Packets and Minutes

January     -Packet-  -Minutes-

February    -Packet-  -Minutes-

March   Meeting Cancelled

April     -Packet-    -Minutes-

May    Meeting Cancelled

June    -Packet-    -Draft Minutes-

July     Meeting Cancelled

August    Meeting Cancelled

September -Packet-  -Minutes-

October -Packet-  -Minutes-

November -Packet-  -Minutes-

Calendar Year 2015 Packets and Minutes

January     Meeting Cancelled

February     -Packet-     -Minutes-

March   -Packet-     -Proposed NFC Changes (xlsx)-     -US-23 Amendment Public Comments-     -March Tech Minutes-

April     -Packet-      -Minutes-

May     -Packet-     -Draft Minutes-

June     -Packet-     -Minutes-

July     Meeting Cancelled

August     -Packet-     -Minutes-

September     Meeting Cancelled

October     -Packet-      -Minutes-

November -Packet-     -Minutes-

Calendar Year 2014 Packets and Minutes

January      (Packet)     (Minutes)     (Unified Work Program)

February     (Packet)     (Minutes)

March         (Packet)     (Minutes)

April     (Packet)

May     (Packet)

June     (Packet)     (Minutes)

July     No Meeting

August       (Packet)   (Draft Public Participation Plan)   (Draft 2013 Crash Report)   (Draft Transit Topic Summary)   (Minutes)

September      (Packet)     (Minutes)

October     No Meeting

November     (Packet)

December          (Packet)

Calendar Year 2013 Packets and Minutes

January      (Packet)     (Minutes)     (FY 2013-2013 Unified Work Program and Memo)

February      (Packet)     (Minutes)     (Updated Agenda)   

March      (Packet)     (Minutes)     

April      (Packet)     (Minutes)     

May      (Packet)     (Minutes)     

June      (Packet)     (Minutes)     


August      (Packet)     (Minutes)     (2012 Year End Crash Report)

September      (Packet)     (Minutes)     (Resolution of Appreciation)

October      (Packet)     (Minutes)     

November      (Packet)     (Minutes)     

December      (Packet)     (Minutes)      (Unified Work Program)    (MDOT Rail Presentation)