Percent of Roads in Good Condition


High-quality pavement is an essential element of Washtenaw County's transportation system. All road users — from people traveling in their own car to bus riders, bicyclists, and freight haulers — depend on quality pavement for a safe, predictable trip. All pavement deteriorates over time and use. Extending pavement life depends on consistent monitoring and using fixes that are appropriate to the age and condition of the pavement. WATS, in partnership with the Michigan Department of Transportation and the Washtenaw County Road Commission collects pavement condition data every year. This condition data is then used to develop plans that improve the region’s pavement through an asset-management-based approach to preserve and improve the road infrastructure.

Target Setting

The target for percent of roads in good condition has not been set.

How is Washtenaw County Doing?

More than half of Washtenaw County's roads are in good condition.