Washtenaw County Transportation Profile

The Washtenaw Area Transportation Profile is a periodic snapshot of demographic trends, transportation facilities, and transportation services in Washtenaw County and its local municipalities.

The most recent profile is organized into six sections:

  1. Introduction and Background discusses the Washtenaw Area Transportation Study, Washtenaw County, and how WATS collects and organizes data.
  2. Demographic Profile covers basic population trends, housing/building starts, households, and employment data
  3. Roadways reviews the state of the county’s road system including bridges, funding sources, and traffic crashes
  4. Transit describes the transit services available in Washtenaw County
  5. Non-motorized Transportation details the existing bicycle and pedestrian facilities, education, planning, and crashes
  6. Freight: describes freight services operating in and around Washtenaw County

Profile Documents

Archive of Past Profiles