Active Requests for Proposals

WATS Model Update

The Washtenaw Area Transportation Study (WATS) is issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) to select a consulting firm or team to make improvements to, calibrate, and validate the WATS multi-modal travel demand model for Washtenaw County, Michigan.

The consulting firm will have 18 months from the date of notice to proceed to complete the work unless otherwise negotiated.  Up to $250,000 may be allocated for completing the work in this RFP.  The RFP is attached.  Please direct any questions to the project manager, Mark Ferrall, at  Answers to questions will be posted to the RFP website, which can be found at:

Responses to the RFP are due by February 10, 2017.  Thank you!

Click here to view the RFP.


If a subcontractor is DBE certified in other states, and is working on the certification process for Michigan, will that satisfy the 15% goal in the RFP?

Yes, that would count towards the DBE goal.  Just provide information on where else they are certified, where in the process they are for being certified in Michigan, and any other information you think is pertinent.

Can you point me in the direction of the DBE waiver as referenced in section N. Non-Discriminatory Practices section of the RFP?

The waiver isn't a document, but a confirmation from us that your proposal will be accepted despite not meeting the DBE goal.  Our expectation for contractors is to make good faith efforts to solicit DBE firms as sub-recipients or subcontractors, if the firm isn’t a DBE itself.  To waive the requirement, please document your efforts to solicit DBE firms and why you feel those are good faith efforts.  Please document those efforts, and we can provide that confirmation if it meets the good faith standard.

Questions and Answers regarding the RFP will be posted here as they are received.  Please direct questions to Mark Ferrall,