Long Range Plan Meetings Available for your Community Group

The Washtenaw Area Transportation Study is working to prepare the Draft 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan for Washtenaw County.

Public Participation is of critical importance to the transportation planning process. WATS is currently scheduling public meetings to discuss the Draft 2035 Long Range Transportation plan at local community centers and libraries. Meetings will be held in June.

WATS is willing to hold a public meeting for your community, agency, or group. If you have a preferred location, please provide WATS with the details and a contact to secure the space. Participants will have an opportunity to review six modal deficiencies identified and comment on proposed improvements to address those deficiencies. WATS will synthesize and present the comments received at the meetings to the agencies responsible for implementation and incorporation in to the 2035 Plan if feasible.

There is no charge for a meeting and WATS will attempt to meet your scheduling and location needs.

WATS will be posting information on LRP meetings when it becomes available on the blog and website.