LRP Meetings Continue

Over the last two weeks, WATS staff has been toting around map boards and informational brochures across the county, answering questions and taking comments on the Draft 2035 LRP. So far WATS has presented the information to more than 40 people. We've included below a few pictures from some of our meetings.

There is still time to make it out to one of our meetings if you haven't had the chance. Click here for a complete list of meetings.

We are currently working on uploading a video of the presentation given at the beginning of each meeting. Stay tuned to the blog for access to the video presentation when it becomes available.

Comments continue to come in to the WATS office. Feel free to post your thoughts as a comment on the WATS blog. Once the Plan is completed, staff plans to expand the focus of the blog to all transportation issues and news. Help the discussion get started now by posting a comment.