MDOT Considers List of Improvements from WATS Committees

The WATS Technical and Policy Committees have developed a list of needed improvements to MDOT facilities within Washtenaw County. Representatives from the Michigan Department of Transportation’s University Region and Brighton Transportation Service Center participated in discussions with both Committees in December as the list was assembled. The recommended improvements are included below. If you have any other improvements you would like to see MDOT complete feel free to post a comment here and WATS will forward the comment to MDOT.

MDOT Requested Improvements--Washtenaw County
December 2009

Further study and consideration of 4 to 3 conversion (Limits Maple to Dexter), with bike lanes
Further study and consideration of 4 to 3 conversion (Limits Dexter to Third), with bike lanes
Further study and consideration of 4 to 3 conversion (Limits S. University to Stadium), with bike lanes
Installation of HAWK Signal at 3rd and Chapin
Installation of Pedestrian Crossing Improvements for Jackson/Huron (Refuge Islands) between Thayer and Ingalls, Stadium and US-23, and further west of Stadium
Conversion of Washtenaw/Cross to 2-way traffic with Washtenaw designated as M-17
Bus pullout bays along Washtenaw
Study/implement Queue Jump lanes at Maple, US-23, Yost, Pittsfield, Huron Parkway, Stadium per AA 2009 Transportation Plan Update
SCOOT implementation or interconnection along the entire corridor
Implement Access Management recommendations
Study/implement double left turn lanes onto SB Maple
Study feasibility of intersection redesign at Maple (roundabout)
Traffic calming or cues for drivers to slow down via landscaping, pedestrian walk at Maple

BR-12/Michigan Ave
Construct and fill in gaps in Sidewalks
Install Lighting (at local expense)
Midblock Pedestrian Crossings location TBD by residents (consider HAWK, Pedestrian Refuge Islands)
Create additional pedestrian crossing between West Willow and neighborhood to Northwest

Implement 3 to 2 conversion with bike lanes/parking

BR-23/Main St
Complete non-motorized facilities from Huron River Drive, connect existing pathways
Construct drainage improvements
Signal improvement: right turn overlap phase at Main and Depot
Conduct feasibility for other improvements at Main and Depot
Study/implement Queue Jump lanes at Depot and Summit per City of Ann Arbor 2009 Transportation Plan Update
Construct a bus turnaround south of M-14

Complete sidewalks on both side of road
Convert T-in US-23 interchange ramps to enable safer non-motorized crossings
Streetscape improvement per Re-imagine Washtenaw
Install Transit Bypass lanes (Queue Jump lanes)
Initiate feasibility/analysis—Corridor Study for Public Transit
Construct Intercept Transit Parking Deck (Park and Ride) near Arborland at US-23
Install Lighting (at local expense)
Implement Access Management recommendations
Midblock pedestrian refuge islands on Washtenaw (US-23 to Mansfield), at Huron Parkway, and at Golfside
Install pedestrian facilities at Oakwood and Washtenaw
Work with locals to align cross section of Oakwood and Washtenaw

M-153/Ford Rd
Install advance street signs, particularly for Prospect

Install signal at Werkner Road per Tappan Datta analysis
Install wide shoulders along entire route
Install center rumble strips in rural sections
Implement recommendations from safety study from Old US-12 to I-94 , complete Access Management plan
Relocate signal from Brown Dr to Commerce Park Dr

Resurface from east tri-level to east county line
Non-motorized improvements at interchange and bridge at Miller/Maple
Implement ITS and Courtesy Patrol

Implement improvements included in the approved EIS
Install non-motorized improvements (sidewalks, bike lanes), from the western boundary of Saline to I-94
Provide pedestrian refuge islands near Walmart
Use CMAQ funds to improve US-23/US-12 interchange
Reconstruct US-12 from Mills Road to Maple Road
Streetscape improvements in downtown Saline area (in US-12 R.O.W. in limits of the above reconstruction) according to City of Saline Enhancement Plan
Installation of left turn signals at US-12 & Maple, at US-12 and Industrial, US-12 and Platt, and US-12 and Moon/State

Non-motorized improvements at interchanges and bridges at Barker, Jennings, 6 Mile, 8 Mile/Whitmore Lake, Warren, Plymouth, Washtenaw, US-12, Carpenter
Study installation of signal at Barker
Implement ITS and Courtesy Patrol
Install ramp extensions and upgrade interchanges, particularly at North Territorial
Implement Feasibility Study

Non-motorized improvements at interchanges and bridges at Zeeb, Baker, M-52, Ann Arbor-Saline, State, Michigan, Huron, and Rawsonville
Landscape enhancements on bridge and entrance into city at interchange with State
Repave/reconstruct approaches, bridge, and off-ramps at Ann Arbor-Saline, particularly EB off-ramp
Convert interchange ramps to T-in ramps to enable safer non-motorized crossings
Eliminate slip ramps at Ann Arbor-Saline interchange
Implement ITS and Courtesy Patrol
Realign curves at Kalmbach and at Jackson (BL-94)
Add right turn lane on EB-ramp at State St
Upgrade Fletcher Rd interchange
Upgrade Jackson Rd interchange
Study Zeeb Road interchange from Jackson to Pratt for non-motorized improvements

Implement ITS and Courtesy Patrol
Adequate funding for Local Bridge Program

Carpool Lots
Look at potential for Transit service at existing MDOT carpool lots at I-94 and State, Ann Arbor-Saline, Zeeb (or Baker) and US-23 and Territorial