WATS Expands Public Particpation Process through Goolge Earth and Twitter

Public participation is a critical component to the transportation planning process.  In fact, agencies like WATS are required to assemble a Public Participation Plan to document existing and future ways in which public will be able to participate in the process. You can view the WATS Public Participation Plan by clicking here.

In addition to the public involvement methods WATS has used for years, the agency is increasing the ways in which the public can stay informed and involved online.  WATS now provides information on facebook and twitter in addition to this blog and our website

WATS is now providing maps of Transportation Improvement Program projects in Google Earth. A .kml file of the WATS FY 2011-2014 TIP projects is available.  If you already have Google Earth installed on your computer, click on this link http://bit.ly/chI0Vb, to download and open the file. The file will automatically open in Google Earth.

If you don't have Google Earth you can download it for free here

If you'd like to see more maps provided in this format leave a comment on this blog or send us a tweet @miwats and let us know what you think.