Michigan and Washtenaw County Recognized as Complete Streets Leaders

A new report by the National Complete Streets Coalition recognizes the WATS Non-Motorized Plan for Washtenaw County, the Village of Dexter’s Complete Streets Ordinance, and the State of Michigan’s Complete Streets policy as some of the best examples of Complete Streets policies.  The report scores plans and ordinances based on the ten elements below.
·         Vision
·         All Users & Modes
·         Connectivity
·         Jurisdiction
·         Phases
·         Exceptions
·         Design
·         Context Sensitivity
·         Performance Standards
·         Implementation Plan
The Non Motorized Plan for Washtenaw County, developed by WATS in 2006, scored high marks in the Vision, Connectivity, Jurisdiction, and Context Sensitivity categories.  Dexter’s Ordinance scored well in the Vision, All Users & Modes, Connectivity, Exceptions, Design, and Context Sensitivity categories.

Washtenaw County is already a leader in considering the needs of all road users.  This recognition means that even more communities could look to Washtenaw County as a model for their own policies.
Other communities with Complete Streets Policies or Non-Motorized Plans include the Cities of Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and Saline.  Communities that have designated a non-motorized section in their master plan or have adopted the WATS Non-Motorized Plan by reference include the City of Chelsea and Dexter, Lyndon, Pittsfield, Northfield, Scio, and Ypsilanti Townships.