SEMCOG and MAC Pulse of the Region Survey

Southeast Michigan residents are being asked for input on the Ozone Action program, the region’s air quality public education program through a regional online survey sponsored by the Metropolitan Affairs Coalition (MAC) and SEMCOG, the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments. Citizens can take the online survey directly, or by visiting or

Air quality is a significant quality-of-life issue for Southeast Michigan residents. Ground-level ozone is a result of hot, sunny days. Elevated levels can be cause for concern to the environment, as well as a health hazard, particularly for the elderly, the young, and those suffering from respiratory ailments.
On Ozone Action Days, Southeast Michigan residents are asked to take simple steps to reduce ozone creation. Residents can make a difference by limiting certain activities – like filling up on gas or mowing the lawn – which cause harmful emissions to enter the atmosphere. Cumulative actions by many do make a difference.

This Pulse of the Region survey is an easy way for the public to voice their opinions and provide better direction for marketing and promoting the Ozone Action Program.
The survey asks two questions pertaining to Southeast Michigan’s Ozone Action program:
  • How do you find out when it is an Ozone Action Day; and
  • How do you adjust your activities on an Ozone Action Day.
What is the current state of Southeast Michigan’s air quality? Our air is cleaner now than in the past, and air monitors in the region show we’re currently in compliance with the national ozone standard.
The Ozone Action season runs from May 1-September 30. In 2011, there were eight Ozone Action Days.

This survey is powered by Cobalt Community Research (, a Michigan-based 501c3 nonprofit research coalition with a mission to provide research and educational tools that help schools, local governments, and other nonprofit member organizations thrive as changes emerge in the economic, demographic, and social landscape.