Excellent Commuting Data Resource

This week, several WATS staffers are attending the Michigan Transportation Planning Association (MTPA) conference in Holland.  Basically, its a chance for Michigan's transportation geeks to meet and share some of the cool things going on around the state.  On Tuesday, staff attended a session with a resource that we'd like to pass on to our blog readers.  The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) provides an excellent data source called the Census Transportation Planning Products (CTPP).  AASHTO partnered with all of the states on pooled fund projects to support the development of special census products and data tabulations for transportation. These census transportation data packages have proved invaluable in understanding characteristics about where people live and work, their journey to work commuting patterns and the modes they use for getting to work.

Access to this data is free and located at this link.  Keep an eye out for updated mapping functions and new data. The website has a learning curve, but tutorials will familiarize you with the interface.