Can you believe this traffic? Health consequences of a long commute (CNN)

There's an excellent article over at CNN regarding the mental and physical health consequences of a long commute.  It identifies many of the factors that cause driving related stress, including in car distractions,  other drivers, commute time, and road rage.

Here's an excerpt:
Long-term stress increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, he says. Research on the precise level of cardiovascular risk is limited, but recent data doesn't paint a flattering picture for the vehicular commuter.

A 2012 study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that the farther people commute by vehicle, the higher their blood pressure and body mass index is likely to be. Also, the farther the commute, the less physical activity the person was likely to get.

Experts recommend making the extra effort to avoid peak driving hours. You may even end up getting home at the same time as if you had left earlier.