Minneapolis Bike Crash Study

In 2011, the City of Minneapolis Completed its new Bicycle Master Plan.  One of the plans goals was to decrease the number of bicyclist-motorist crash by 10%.  To meet this goal, city staff examined nearly 3,000 bicyclist-motorist crash records that occurred between 2000-2010.  Specific crash attributes were extracted from the accident reports, analyzed, and mapped.

Analysis found that the crashes are complex events, and no one factor that contributes to the crashes.  However, three primary conclusions from the data emerged:

  • Most crashes are occurring at intersections along major arterials
  • Motorists are not seeing or yielding to bicyclists
  • Bicyclists are not riding in a predictable manner
Staff also found a clear correlation between the number off bicyclists and the crash rate.  As the number of bicyclists increased in Minneapolis, the crash rate has decreased.  This safety in numbers effect is documented in other US cites and in academic research.

For more information about the research, view the full report at the city's website.