2013 Commuter Challenge!

Grab your bus pass, put your walking shoes, or get out those new bike streamers, it's time for the 2013 Commuter Challenge! Each May, GetDowntown sponsors a a month long competition that encourages employees throughout Ann Arbor to try alternative commuting during the month of May. Bus, bike, walk or carpool/vanpool—whatever you choose, the Commuter Challenge makes alternative commuting fun and easy. Whether a lifetime change or just something you try once, you’ll get prizes, save money , and have a great time with your coworkers!

The Commuter Challenge is all about teamwork. You and your coworkers participate together, logging commutes and taking part in weekly challenges that inspire you to keep up your alternative commutes and have some fun. Challenges are always better as a team, so get your coworkers to join in the fun!

  • Every person who logs just one commute on the Commuter Challenge website during May will receive a coupon for free ice cream from Washtenaw Dairy.
  • There are also lots of great ways for you to win additional prizes by logging commutes, submitting photos, and more.
  • Organizations that participate in weekly challenges will be eligible for prizes and swag to show off at your worksite. 
  • Your organization will win a grand prize if you get the highest participation in the Challenge in your size category: a celebration at your worksite, with free food and drinks!
More money in your pocket, a healthier and easier commute, and prizes to boot? The time to make a move has never been better.

Every week of the Challenge is a chance to celebrate! Click here to view all the events.

How it works
  • Visit letsmakeamove.org
  • Sign up to participate in the Commuter Challenge 
  • Get your co-workers to sign up, too!
  • On May 1st, kick start the Commuter Challenge with Green Commute Day and log your first commute at letsmakeamove.org! 
  • Keep logging commutes throughout the month. Each commute logged gets your team closer to winning the grand prize.
  • We’ll post a new challenge for organizations to compete to win each week. Check the weekly email updates or letsmakeamove.org to find out what the challenge is each week!
  • Each week will celebrate the benefits of each alternative commuting method: walking, biking, busing, and carpooling/vanpooling. Whatever you choose, we’ll help make it fun!
  • Have other questions about the Challenge? Visit our FAQ page or email us at info@getdowntown.org