Fictitious Future of American High Speed Rail

As the debate over spending continues to divert national attention away from our nation's infrastructure needs, one designer's fictitious map has rekindled discussion about High Speed Rail.  Alfred Twu, a graphic designer and HSR activist from California, piecemealed his map from several 2009 proposals from Amtrak and the Obama administration.  The map is now on the White House Petition website, where proposals that garner 100,000 votes receive a response from the president and his staff.  Visit the proposal at the White House petition website, or get more information (and infograms!) at the project website.

 "More than mere steel wheels on tracks, high speed rail shrinks space and brings farflung families back together. It keeps couples in touch when distant career or educational opportunities beckon. It calls to adventure and travel." Daniel Twu in an Interview with The Guardian