SEMCOG public meetings: Help improve bicycle and pedestrian paths and amenities

SEMCOG will hold a public meeting for its upcoming regional non-motorized plan at the Saline Council Chambers on Wednesday, July 31 from 4-7pm.  Attend and help shape the future of Southeast Michigan's nonmotorized infrastructure!

Bicycle and pedestrian (nonmotorized) travel is a vital part of Southeast Michigan’s transportation systems. For many communities, biking and pedestrian facilities improve quality of life for residents and make these communities more desirable. SEMCOG is currently working on a regional nonmotorized plan. Goals of the nonmotorized plan are:
  • Create an inventory of existing facilities in the region,
  • Develop guidelines for new facilities,
  • Address the most critical gaps within the nonmotorized corridors, and
  • Create a planning resource for communities within the seven-county SEMCOG region to coordinate facilities across boundaries.