Obligated Projects List is Available

Every year, WATS publishes a list of all the completed transportation projects in Washtenaw County, the Obligated Projects list.  The FY 2013 obligated projects list is available, and can be accessed at this link.

In FY 2013, $46.2 million was obligated in Washtenaw County for highway, local road, bicycle and  pedestrian facilities, public transit and safety projects.  Of this amount, $12.2 million were Surface Transportation Program funds, which account for $9.4 million for urban programs, $1.7 million for rural programs, and $1.1 million of MDOT programs.  Congestion Mitigation Air Quality improvements provided $3.2 million directly and partially to Washtenaw County.

Map of Washtenaw County's Obligated Transportation Projects from FY 2013