Take the Share the Road Safety Pledge

A sign with a bike and car above another sign that says 'Share Michigan Roads'

Bicyclists are involved in less than 1% of all traffic crashes. Proportionally, however, they represent a greater number of fatalities than any other group of roadway users. This is why it is especially important for drivers to always pass bicyclists at a safe distance and yield to them before making turns.

Each year approximately 2000 bicyclists are injured in crashes in Michigan, with approximately 25 of these crashes resulting in fatalities. While engineering improvements implemented as a result of Complete Streets will help create a safer environment for bicyclists who use Michigan roads, more must be done in regards to education to help drivers better understand how to safely interact with bicyclists. 

The  Share MI Roads campaign seeks to reduce this number by creating an alliance between bicyclists and motorists to be more aware of each other on the roads, to obey all applicable traffic laws, and to respect one another as human beings.  

Click this link to take the Share MI Roads safety pledge and make your personal commitment to help make Michigan roadways safer and more comfortable for all users.

Share MI Roads is a campaign of the League of Michigan Bicyclist (LMB) in partnership with Transportation For Michigan (Trans4M).