Design Your Perfect Street

Last week, we featured a tool that allows armchair planners (or real ones) to design their perfect transit system.  This week, we found another tool from Code for America, StreetMix, which allows users to design their perfect street.

Anyone who has attended a complete streets meeting might be familiar with the exercise where citizens arrange variously widthed paper cutouts of streets (car lanes, bike lanes, etc) to build their ideal street.  StreetMix is similar, but all online and with precise flexibility for street and lane widths.

Below, a screenshot for a wide urban street accommodating many types of users.

But street perfection depends on your perspective.  Maybe you're sick of those pesky white lines on the road?


Or you prefer a peaceful stroll through your garden city?

The tool includes options for exporting your designs as images or for printing.  We encourage anyone interested in testing their own street designs and ideas to check it out.  Visit Streetmix to learn more.