Local Agencies Request $29 million in Federal Funds for Road Projects in Washtenaw County

The process to select projects for the 2017-2020 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) started with the call for projects in November, 2015.  Local agencies have submitted their candidate projects to WATS. Urban area project list and rural area project list.

Requested Funds, Anticipated Revenue and Deficit

  • Urban Area Funds:  $12.5 million Deficit - $29 million (requested); $16.5 million (anticipated revenue over 4 years)

  • Rural Area STP Funds: $700,000 Deficit - $2.5 million (requested STP); $1.8 million (anticipated STP funds over 4 years)

  • Rural Area Fed/State D Funds:  $304,000 Deficit - $1.3 million (requested D Funds); $996,000 (anticipated D funds over 4 years)

The candidate projects that are recommended to be funded will be presented to the Technical Committee and then final action will be taken by the Policy Committee to include projects in the TIP.  The proposed project list includes all the projects that are seeking federal urban and rural dollars.  

Questions and comments can be sent to Suzann Flowers [flowerss@miwats.org, 734-994-3127, 200 N. Main St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104].  All comments and responses will be collected and presented to the Technical and Policy Committee members for their consideration in project selection.