Non-Motorized Counting Program Kicks Off in Pittsfield Township

WATS, in partnership with Pittsfield Township are proud to share data that is being collected along the Lohr/Textile Greenway.

Initial counts suggest that there are 100 walkers and 125 cyclists using the facility daily.  This is great news for any community that makes investments in non-motorized transportation. Pittsfield Township can now share data about the users of this facility.  

"Pittsfield Charter Township Supervisor Mandy Grewal stated "after 8 years of hard work pursuing grants and working through the many logistics that go into installation of non-motorized amenities, it is extremely gratifying to witness the high usage of these amenities. As Pittsfield Township and area residents use the greenways, sidewalks and bike lanes, not only are they improving their quality of life and health but also imparting a sense of community to our public spaces, which is our ultimate goal."

Get out and enjoy the many non-motorized facilities around Washtenaw County and southeast Michigan.