Strava Heatmap Shows Rides and Runs Around Washtenaw County

Strava is an app that tracks your workouts. What is cool is what Strava has done with their data. They have created heatmaps showing the routes that bicyclists and runners have done.

When you click on the bicycling routes on the map ( it is amazing to see the routes that people are taking throughout Washtenaw County. You can also click on the Activity View to see the running paths that people are using.

One of the biggest routes used is the Border to Border Trail. This is a great asset in our county and continues to be improved and added onto. There are plans to make the connection between Ann Arbor and Dexter. Visit the to see what is being planned next. Other significant roadways include: Dexter Chelsea Road, Whitmore Lake Road, and Platt Road. 

As we gear up for the Non-Motorized Transportation Plan project this type of data can be quite helpful as we look to develop maps that highlight primary and secondary bicycling commuting routes.

If you are interested in participating in the Non-Motorized Transportation Plan Project please visit the project website or contact Suzann Flowers at