Pavement Deficiencies

An important early step in developing the County’s long range transportation plan is the identification of the specific problems affecting the system. This helps planners identify projects and strategies to address the deficiencies and needs in the system. In the plan, deficiencies and needs are examined in the following six categories: safety, non-motorized, transit, bridges, congestion and pavement. Over the next three weeks, WATS will be asking for your help to locate specific deficiencies or needs in your communities.

This first, in a series of six posts, examines pavement deficiencies and needs. It is important that you provide enough details about the pavement deficiencies or needs you comment on in order for WATS to compile the comment for inclusion in the plan. Please include the road name where you feel the pavement is deficient, as well as the two streets at the ends of the segment and describe the actual pavement deficiency. For example, up until recently, one might have described a pavement deficiency as follows “The pavement is very poor on Ann Arbor-Saline road between the intersections of Wagner Road and Pleasant Lake Road.”

When providing a comment please include your name, the community you live in, and if you feel comfortable, your email address. If you do not feel comfortable including your email address, you may still provide comments, however, to allow WATS to document and keep track of your comment, please include your email address along with your comments in an email to us at

Please visit the blog often over the next three weeks in order to provide comments for the other five deficiencies. Please share this blog site with others in an effort to provide additional opportunities for others to comment on deficiencies on our transportation system.