Bridge Deficiencies

WATS has already begun to collect comments on pavement deficiencies throughout the County. This second post in a series of six asks for your input on bridge deficiencies and needs. Bridges are critical components of the transportation network. Impassable or closed bridges can add significantly to travel times as users travel considerably longer distances between the same two points.

If there is a bridge that you know of in need of repair or replacement or does not meet the needs of all potential users please leave a comment and let WATS know about the deficiency.

When providing a comment please include the location of the bridge you feel is in need of improvement. Please include the road it is on, along with what the bridge runs over and what community it is in. For example, Dixboro Road Bridge over the Huron River in Ann Arbor Township.

Please include your name, the community you live in, and if you feel comfortable, your email address in your comment. If you do not feel comfortable including your email address, you may still provide comments, however, to allow WATS to document and keep track of your comment, please send a copy of your comment in an email to us at

Be sure to check this blog often as WATS continues to ask you where you feel the deficiencies and needs are in Washtenaw County.