Safety Deficiencies

WATS has already begun to collect comments on pavement, bridge, congestion and non-motorized deficiencies throughout the County. This post will focus on safety deficiencies including both intersection and segment deficiencies.
If there is a segment of road or intersection where you think a large number of crashes occur, please make a comment and let us know where. If your comment is regarding a safety concern along a segment of road, include not only the road name but the ending intersections of the segment such as Arkona Road between Maple and Goodrich. If your concern is at an intersection please indicate so by providing both cross streets in your comments such as the intersection of Arkona Road and Sanford Road.

When providing a comment please include your name, the community you live in, and if you feel comfortable, your email address so that we can contact you with any questions. If you do not feel comfortable including your email address, you may still provide comments, however, to allow WATS to document and keep track of your comment, please include your email address with your comments in an email to us at

For more information on crashes in Washtenaw County check out the crash data section on the WATS website.