Transit Deficiencies

WATS has already collected comments on pavement, bridge, congestion, non-motorized and safety deficiencies throughout the County. This post will focus on transit deficiencies including the need for new service, extended service hours, more frequent service or any capital improvements such as bus shelters, new vehicles, or technology improvements such as next bus signs or cell phone alerts on service.

Several types of transit deficiencies are measured in the long range plan including quality of existing service, span of service (which refers to hours in service), frequency of service (which refers to how often a bus comes) as well as an overall lack of transit service. In addition to corridors that are not served by transit destinations such as schools, parks, libraries, hospitals, etc., that are not served by transit could also be provided.

One example of a transit deficient location could be “I can’t ride the bus from my house in a Township to the library in Saline.” A different example of a transit deficiency would be “I don’t get off work until 2am but the bus stops running at 11:00 pm.” This would be an example of a span of service deficiency.

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