Travel Time Analysis Video

At the November Technical Committee meeting a presentation was given that provided some examples of functions the WATS Travel Demand Model can perform. WATS uses the Travel Demand Model as a base for identifying congestion deficiencies in the Long Range Plan.

The embedded video is an example of a function called network time band analysis. This example uses estimated congested travel time to show the distance a vehicle could travel in two minute intervals, up to 20 minutes, from a user selected point. While this example may not be used directly in the Long Range Plan it is an example of how congested travel time information can be useful.

The Technical Committee requested this video be placed on the blog for everyone to see.
In the video, a point in the City of Chelsea is selected at W. Middle Street. Animated bands representing 2 minute travel intervals are drawn where light blue is 2 minutes from the selected point up to red which is 20 minutes away.

Please feel free to post a question about what is being displayed.