Non-motorized Deficiencies

WATS has already collected comments on pavement, bridge and congestion deficiencies throughout the County. This post will focus on non-motorized deficiencies including both sidewalk and bike deficiencies. A non-motorized deficiency can exist if an area does not have non-motorized facilities such as a sidewalk or bike lane or an area whose non-motorized facilities are inadequate or in disrepair. WATS is also interested in locations where pedestrian crossings are difficult and the addition of crossing islands may be needed. Until recently an example would be, “There is no sidewalk along Washtenaw in front of Glencoe Hills Apartments or it is difficult to cross Stadium between Maple and Pauline. Examples of bike comments previously could have included the need for bike lanes along Platt between Packard and Ellsworth.

When providing a comment please include your name, the community you live in, and if you feel comfortable, your emial address. If you do not feel comfortable including your email address, you may still provide comments, however, to allow WATS to document and keep track of your comment, please include your email address with your comments in an email to us at