Conquer the Cold This Winter

Get ready to own winter.

Conquer the Cold is a Winter Commuting Event from Ann Arbor’s GetDowntown program to motivate you to bike, walk, or ride the bus during the winter months.  Participants can log their alternative commutes online at the Conquer the Cold website.  In January,  everyone who logs one commute gets a free drink to Sweetwaters. One Grand prize winner will receive a $500 Bivouac Gift Card!

GetDowntown has a few recommendations for conquering the cold on your bike commute this season.

Basic Gear for Winter Bike Commuting

  • Windproof gear: Keeps you a lot warmer than just fleece

  • Waterproof boots/shoes

  • Hat, scarf, gloves/mittens.  Wool is a great fabric to try.

  • Balaclava (scarf and hat all in one!)

  • Lights for bike commuting

  • Bus fare for bus or your go!pass in case the weather is just too nasty/you get tired

  • Change of clothes for work if you think you’ll get sweaty

  • Layers!!!

  • Warm socks (Smart Wool, regular wool, etc)

  • Fenders for your wheels. Prevent the wet stripe up your back!

General Tips

  • Fatter tires are better for the winter; there’s more surface area for them to grab onto the available terrain.

  • Check your brakes often. Apply them early when approaching a stop to clean off their surfaces and your rims and to make sure they haven’t frozen!

  • A beater bike can help keep your regular bike clean and nice.  This helps to protect a nicer bike from salt, debris, and yucky winter weather.

  • Lights are essential. When it gets cold, it also gets dark. So don’t forget your lights!

  • Snow is a go but ice isn’t nice. Of all conditions, icy ones are actually the worst. When you encounter ice, keep yourself as straight as possible, don’t weave at all. As long as the patch isn’t too long and you aren’t going too fast, you should be ok.

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