What is Going On With the WATS Non-Motorized Plan?

WATS staff have drafted a conceptual bicycle commute route map that includes key regional connections. To create this draft map, we used existing community master and recreation plans that highlight bicycle connections and comments received from the Non-Motorized Steering Committee.

These corridors are meant to create connections across the county using existing and planned facilities.

We would like members of the public to review this map with the following in mind:

  1. Do the routes make sense?

  2. Are there additional routes we should consider, and why?

Please share your thoughts with Suzann Flowers on Facebook, Twitter, or email Suzann at flowerss@miwats.org. Your comments will be collected and shared with the WATS Non-Motor Steering Committee to assist in the route development.

We are also working on identifying secondary bicycle commuting routes, which will help make connections to the primary bicycle network.  We will review employment centers, destination centers, and dense housing areas to help us plan where those “feeder/secondary” routes should be located.

Please keep in mind that these maps provide general recommendations for where the facilities may be located. It will be up to each jurisdiction to implement these projects, and WATS will be there to assist communities in this implementation.