Projects Proposed for Federal Funding Seek Approval in February

Every 3 years, the WATS Policy Committee votes on proposed projects that will use federal funds throughout the county. Funds are available for the urban area  and the rural area (the rural area is the remaining areas once you remove the following: Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti urban area, Milan urban area, Chelsea urban area). 

The funds that WATS Policy Committee directly programs are called Surface Transportation Program Funds (STP) and Surface Transportation Program Rural Funds (STL). The surface transportation program urban and rural funds are the most flexible funds available to local agencies, which include the County Road Commission, cities and villages throughout Washtenaw County.  The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) provides a robust list of what these funds can be spent on here.

Eligible Types of Work

  • Replacement, rehabilitation, preservation, protection, and anti-icing/deicing for bridges and tunnels on any public road, including construction or reconstruction necessary to accommodate other modes.
  • Capital costs for transit projects eligible for assistance under chapter 53 of title 49, including vehicles and facilities used to provide intercity passenger bus service.
  • Carpool projects, fringe and corridor parking facilities and programs, including electric and natural gas vehicle charging infrastructure, bicycle transportation and pedestrian walkways, and ADA sidewalk modification.

The process for the selection of projects is first handled by the WATS staff when they issue a call for project applications. Using a scoring process, WATS staff evaluates each project application. Staff draft a project list based upon points awarded and the funds that are available each year. WATS then holds meetings with the (hyper links here) FAC Urban and Rural Committees to discuss the draft project list and to discuss any issues that may arise.  Following approval by the FAC Urban and Rural Committees, the project list is  presented to the Technical and Policy Committees.  The Policy Committee has the final say on project lists.

View the draft project lists:

Click on the link for the project list that you are interested in urban or rural. If you have any questions about the proposed list, please contact Suzann Flowers or Nick Sapkiewicz

The Policy Committee will take action on these project lists at their February 15 meeting.