WATS 2040 LRP Seek Approval in April

Over the past several months WATS staff have been working on updating the 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan which sets the vision for the region for the next 25 years.

While this update largely reaffirms existing investment goals and policies, several new and exciting sections are being proposed for addition, as well as minor updates that have occurred since the Plan's 2013 adoption.  

The existing goals, examples of how to meet the goals, and performance measures to track the progress of the goals are outlined in the link. The draft Performance Measures can also be viewed here.

The goals that provide the direction and vision for the Long Range Transportation Plan are below:

  1. Invest Strategically

  2. Provide access and mobility

  3. Promote a safe and secure transportation system

  4. Protect and enhance the environment

  5. Engage the public in the transportation decision making process

  6. Link transportation planning and land use

The new sections of the plan focus on Target Setting (p.143), Driverless and Connected Vehicles (p.18), Washtenaw County Equity Initiatives (p. 17) and Environmental Justice review (p. 21 and p. 128).  As part of the update, WATS updated the public engagement section that highlights the activities to engage the public throughout this process (p. 74).

Comments collected from the public included:

  • Expanded urban core transit service
  • More non-motorized transportation and better lighting
  • Improvements to operations and congestion
  • More focus on pedestrians, specifically on speed reductions and improving the Huron/I-94 crossing

If you have comments or questions about the plan please contact Nick Sapkiewicz at sapkiewiczn@miwats.org.