Congestion Deficiencies

WATS has already begun to collect comments on pavement and bridge deficiencies throughout the County. This post will focus on congestion deficiencies. Congestion causes extended travel times and reduced fuel efficiency.

Please provide comments of instances of recurring congestion only. That is, examples of congestion that occur on a regular basis. Please include the segment of road you feel is congested, and a beginning and ending identifier such as intersections or a freeway interchange. Also, please include in your comment when the congestion often occurs such as AM or PM peak periods or if it is fairly constant throughout the day. Please also provide the direction of the congestion if it is not congested in both directions. For example, Carpenter Road between Michigan Ave and Ellsworth during the PM peak is congested in the southbound direction.

When providing a comment please include your name, the community you live in, and if you feel comfortable, your email address. If you do not feel comfortable including your email address, you may still provide comments, however, to allow WATS to document and keep track of your comment, please also email your comments to us at